Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How-To: Eye Dropper Drawings

This project makes anyone look like a seasoned artist. One of my favorite things about this project is that there are hundreds of different ways to go about it! Once your ink drawing is finished you can paint it, watercolor it, or use ink pens to detail it. Dont think about it too much and have fun with it!

What You Will Need:
Watercolor Paper (Mine is Cold Press 140lb Paper)
Black Liquid Ink with an Eye Dropper
Toilet Paper

Take out a piece of Watercolor Paper and cut it in half.
You can use the entire sheet if you wish. I cannot draw to save my life, so I cut my sheet in half. Using a smaller sheet doesn't seem so scary!

Take the dropper and begin to draw with it. Draw something you know or let your hand flow freely along the paper. Dont think about it too much and don't worry if you get a lot of ink on it. It will look really cool in the end if its blotted.

Once you are done drawing, quickly put a piece of toilet paper over your drawing to soak up the loose ink.

Lift the toilet paper off.
(My drawing didn't change very much since I didnt have a lot of ink blots on my paper.)

Allow the drawing to dry, then you can add pen, watercolor, or paint to it to jazz it up a bit.

Here are some drawings I did:

I used pen and watercolor to spruce mine up:

You can also get some fishing line, clothes pins, and tacks to make a Fishing Line Photo Hanger:


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