Saturday, January 11, 2014

Learn To Make A Loom Out Of Cardboard And Weave With Scrap Fabric

I've always wanted to learn how to make these!!  Etsy posted a great tutorial for these this week, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Here's how mine turned out. Not too bad for my first try! 

Want to make one for yourself? Click the Etsy link above or follow my instructions below!

What You'll Need:

Craft Knife/Box Cutter
Head Pin or Closed Pin
Glue Gun and a Glue Stick
Yarn (Any Color.Works)
Packing/Masking Tape
Scrap Fabric (at least 30" long) or Yarn (Get Multiple Colors)
Hard piece of cardboard (see what I used below)

You can use a large needle to weave the fabric or yarn through the loom. I just used my hands and it worked just fine.


Making Your Loom

For my loom, I used the back of my watercolor paper book.
You can use any type of cardboard as long as it is sturdy. 

Next, get out your tape. 
Fold a piece of tape over the top and bottom edges.
This will give your loom a little more support.

Now, we will mark our slits on our loom.

I am using a 9" X 12" board.
I measured in 1 1/2" on each end.

The more inches you measure in on each side, the narrower your piece will be.
The less inches you measure in, the wider your piece will be.

I would suggest placing a mark 1"-1 1/2" in on each side.
Once you have done this, make a mark every 1/2" until you meet the other side like so...

Do this on both sides, so your loom looks like this:

Now, get your craft knife out.

Cut a slit into the cardboard.
 My slits are about 1/8" deep

Threading Your Loom

Now, tape your yarn about halfway down on one side.

Starting from the back, where you tapped, go up to the first slit and put the yarn into the slit. 
Begin wrapping your yarn top to bottom.

Wrap the yarn tight 
enough so you could strum it if you wanted to have a mini jam session.

Continue wrapping the yarn until you reach the end, then cut and tape the end piece to the back of the loom like I did below.

Cutting Your Scarp Fabric Strips

Now, it's time to cut your strips. 
I cut 1/8"-1/4" strips that were at least 30" long.

If you are weaving with yarn, cut a piece that is at least 30" long.

Here are what my strips look like:

Here comes the fun part!!


1. Start from the right side: Thread the fabric Under-Over all the way over to the opposite side.

2. Pull the strip through the loom until there is a 5" strip left on the right side.

3. Now, weave the opposite way, Over-Under, back across the loom.

See Below.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

When you are weaving, you want to keep the strand fairly tight. 

If it's too loose, it will be baggy. 

If it's too tight, the loom will start creeping in on itself.

Don't worry if this doesn't make much sense right now, you will find a rhythm. 

4. Keep weaving until you have about 5" of your strip left. Allow the ends to just hang out for now.

To Start Weaving A New Strip

1. Start on the right or left side of the loom. 

2. Begin to weave the strand opposite (over-under or under-over) of the weave above it.

3. Once you get through to the other side, pull the strip through the loom.

4. Leave a 5" tail like you did before.

Once you are finished with a strip or want to start a new color,

Push the strips up.

Bunch them together.

Continue the above steps until you reach the bottom of the loom.

Make sure you continue to push the strips up as you go along.

Hiding The Extra Fabric Strips On The Sides

1. Take your pin/needle/closed pin and put it through the tip of the fabric strip.

There are two ways to finish your weave:

1. Weave the strand back into the loom until it is blended in with the rest of the fabric


2. Weave the strand a little bit into the loom, but not all the way. Just enough to get it away from the side. Weave the strip so it rests between the middle of the loom and the piece.
You will glue it down later instead of weaving it.

See "Gluing Down Your Extra Fabric Stands" below to get a visual.

Cutting Your Strings

1. Once you have your side strands hidden or tucked under, flip your loom over and remove the tape.

2. Take your scissors and cut the strings in the middle of board.

Securing Your Yarn

1. Take the first two pieces out of the loom slits and tie them with a box knot.

2. Do this to the next two strands until you reach the other side.

3. Do the same thing to the bottom of the piece.

Gluing Down Your Extra Fabric Strands

I dont believe this is the proper way to secure your fabric strips, but after all this hard work I would hate for the loom to fall apart! 

1. I took my extra fabric strips, that I weaved to the back of the piece, and tied them to each other.

Make sure you do not make tight knots that are really close to the piece. You dont want to alter your weaves.

2. Next, I glued down any extra strips just to make sure they were secure.

Feel free to add glue anywhere else. 

Making Your Hanger

You should have a bunch of little yarn strands on each end.

1. Find the top of your piece. 

2. Cut the extra strands down to the knots except for two strands on each end.

3. Tie these strands together. This how you will hang your piece.

4. Cut the strands at the bottom to your desired length.


 Hang and Enjoy!

Monday, September 02, 2013

Make Your Own Hanging Flag Banner From Scrap Fabric

Hello my lovely craft community! It has been too long since my last post. 
Since we last crafted together, I moved to a new apartment, graduate from my graduate program, went to Europe, and worked at an all girls leadership summer camp! What an amazing summer it has been. To say the least, I have been wandering and it has been fantastic.

I received an email from a crafter the other evening. She asked if I planned on posting any more tutorials. I was very excited to read her email. It was so kind of her to take a moment out her day to write me. 
Thank you, Chelsea.

This one's for you!

What You Need:
Scrap Fabric
Sewing Machine (You can also hand sew the flags)
Twine or some type of cord to hang the flags
Paint Brush (an angled one works the best)
Bobby Pin

1. Pick your fabric. 

I used scrap fabric that I had, but could never find a use for. Well, here you go!

2. Iron your fabric before cutting it. 

You will get a cleaner cut.

3. Cut out an 8 ½” Long X 4 ½” Wide Rectangle. 

Use this rectangle to cut out the other rectangles. 

It’s good to know what you want your banner to say, so you know how many rectangles to cut out. 

Mine is going to say “Wander”, so I need 6 rectangles. 

Once you have all of your rectangles cut out it’s time to sew. 

4. Take one of the 4 ½” sides and fold it back an 1”, so the right side of the fabric is bent back onto the wrong side of the fabric like the photo below.

5. Sew 1/4" from the edge of the fabric, not at the fold. Make sure you leave enough room to slide your twine through the top of the fabric.

The front of your flag should look similar to this.

And the back should look similar to this.

Now for the paint!

I recommend using an angle brush since you are lettering and want to paint straight lines, but if you don't have one don't worry! Any paint brush will do.

6. Start painting your letters.

Get creative. 
You can add dots, triangles, lines, or any other designs to spice your flags up!

Wait for the paint to dry before you begin to thread them. 
You dont want to smudge those beautiful letters! 

7. Take the end of your twine and tie a knot in it, then put your bobby pin behind the knot. 

This is going to help you thread the twine through the flag.

8. Thread the twine through the top of your flags. 

Good Tip. Trust me. 
Who wants to do this part twice? Not me.

Woo! Almost done!

Continue to thread your letters, then when you're all threaded up...


How cute is this!? 
I hung my banner in my kitchen. 
Oh, how I love it so.


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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Home Decor Art: Quilting Hoop Wall Art with Scrap Fabric

This project is a cheap and easy way to make art for your home.
There are so many ways to do this project and the end result is nothing short of artsy!

What You Need:

-Quilting Hoops. You can find these at any local hobby or sewing shop. Get as many as you want! Try to pick out ones that are different in size. Please make sure when you buy your quilting hoop that there are two pieces! There should be an outer circle and an inner circle. Sometimes the inner circle falls out, so just make sure it's there before you buy it!
-Scraps of Fabric, Bed Sheets, any kind of fabric that is at least 1" larger than your circle will work.
-Glue Gun
-Tacks or nails and a hammer to hang them

(Turn on your glue gun)

Take the smaller circle out of the quilting hoop and lay it over your fabric:

Cut out a circle that is 1" away from your wooden circle, like so:
It doesnt have to be a perfect circle.
Just make sure there is at least 1" of extra fabric around the circle. 

Now, you can skip this step and go right to the next one, but I would suggest trying this on your first hoop.
Glue the fabric to the outer edge of the circle and stop when you get half way around:

Once you are half way around, keep gluing, but this time pull the fabric in as you press it into the glue.
You want the fabric to be tight on the circle.
This will pull out the wrinkles. 

Now, glue the extra fabric to the inside of the circle.

If you dont think you need to glue the outside and the inside, you can always just skip the first gluing step and go straight to gluing the fabric to the inside, like so:

Do this around the entire circle:

At this point you have two options:

Option 1:
You can leave the quilting hoop off. This gives the circle a more modern look.
If you broke the clasp off the other part of the quilting hoop you could have another circle to glue fabric to.

Option 2:
 You can slide the quilting hoop back on. This gives the hoop a more natural, country look.
I really enjoy this look.

Either way its up to you!!

You could even stitch something onto these fabric circles too!!
Oh the possibilities! 

Now, repeat these steps with your other hoops and you're good to go!

Once you have all of your hoops made hang them up.
Here is how I did mine:

Those birds are really awesome wall tattoos that peal off!
Buy some of your own Here.

Happy Crafting!!