Let me tell you where I began.

 I was always the type of person who was elbow deep in someone's throw-aways searching for something I could wear, alter, or use to make something else. I knew (and still know) every thrift store in town and what days they had the best deals. I taught myself how to sew and spent my nights scouring the internet for new tutorials. Before I knew it my living room started looking more like a studio and I had more supplies than space. That's when (lightbulb!) I decided to open a store on Etsy. Was is scary? Hell yeah it was scary, but I used my love of all things vintage and handmade to build a store that was hand-picked, affordable, and filled with things I loved to wear and make.

I do what I love.
I did what I loved and it came back tenfold. In the past four years, my braided wrap around festival bracelets have been featured on Good Morning America's website and one of my tutorials was featured on Good Housekeeping Magazine's website.  I've made enough money to pay my rent which is the ultimate goal, right? Do art. Pay rent. Repeat.

So here we are.

Now I have my own shop and blog where I teach other people how to make products they can sell locally and online. Whether you're a veteran handmade mogul or a first time crafter, I'll teach you how to make a few must-have items that will definitely turn some heads and, dare I say, some profits too.


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