Saturday, July 12, 2014

DIY High Waist Bikini in 5 Minutes NO-SEW!!

I've been looking all over the internet for the perfect high waist bikini. I mean all over. I've Googled them, looked on Etsy, and scrolled endlessly on Pinterest and found.... nothing.

Then I came across this video on Youtube from Piece of Cheap Cake and my mind was blown!

She made a high waist bikini out of a one-piece in less than 5 minutes.


I had to try it.

Pretty cute, right!?

I broke it down into four steps.


One-piece swimsuit: I bought 4 of them from a local thrift shop for $1 a swimsuit

Here we go.

1. Put the swimsuit on inside out
2. Draw a line 1-2" above your belly button with your marker.

If your swimsuit has a low back, I would suggest laying your swimsuit flat
and cutting right below the lowest part of the backline.

3. Take the suit off. Lay it flat. Cut the swimsuit in half.

NOTE: Make sure it's laying flat. You don't want any weird jagged cuts.

4. Put the suit on and tuck in the raw edges.

If you want to hem the suit, make sure you use a zig-zag stitch.


Is your mind blown yet?



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