Monday, January 16, 2012

Make Your Own T-Shirt Art Tutorial

I LOVE this DIY Project!

Here is another Make Your Own T-Shirt Art Tutorial.

You can create your own design from
magazine clippings, photographs, or anything else you can think of using!

What You Will Need:
Iron-on Transfers (Found at any Office Supply Store)
Sheet of Printer Paper
Hard Surface to iron on
Mod Podge or Elmers Glue
Magazines, Photographs, etc.

If you do not have a scanner you can do this project with a photo/design from the internet. If you choose to do this skip down to the step where you print your design. 

Light Colored Shirts need Iron-on transfers for Light Fabric
Dark Colored Shirts need Iron-on transfers for Dark Fabric
*Iron-on Transfers for Dark colored shirts are more expensive*


If you are making your own t-shirt art 
Start Here:

Make a collage on a piece of printer paper.
You can use magazines, photographs, or anything else you would like!
Use Mod Podge or Elmers Glue to secure your creation to the paper.
Do not over saturate the paper! 
Use just enough adhesive to keep the 
picture attached while you scan it to your computer.

 Hook your computer up to your printer:

 Lay your collage face down and scan it to your computer.

NOTE: You will need to reverse your image so the picture/words face the right way when you iron on your collage.

Open Paint. Drag and Drop your Photo into Paint.
Click Control+R and choose Flip Horizontally
Save Image.
It should look backwards compared to your original image.

When you are ready print your image on the transfer paper.
Lay your Transfer paper face down and print your image.
(Please read the directions that came in the Iron-on Transfers packet since each printer is different)

Iron your shirt so there are no wrinkles on it.

Cut your design out. Leave little or no space around the design. 
If you leave a white border around your design it will show up on your shirt.
If you do not want a white border cut close to your design when cutting it out.

Lay your shirt flat on a hard surface.
Smooth out all wrinkles, so your shirt lays completely flat:

 Lay your design face down.
Make sure it is centered or exactly where you want it:

Iron on your design.
Set Iron to Cotton Setting
Make sure you iron the edges and middle really well!
(Again, check the iron-on transfer instructions to see how long you should iron your design)

When you are finished, allow the transfer to cool (2-3mins)
Then, slowly peel the transfer starting from the bottom.

Allow design to cool.



This project was inspired by:


  1. does it wash well?

  2. I would say so. It will wear some, but it gives it a worn out, vintage look.

  3. Hey Great idea!! I have printed out some graphics and put onto t-shirts but I never thought to use pics from magazines etc to create a collage look! Love it! thanks

    wishing you all the very best


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  5. How come I never thought of using magazines and photographs for the print! This is a great idea, Korrine! A cutout from an old magazine can give you a vintage look on the t-shirt. I will definitely try this one. I’ll be dropping by your blog page again to check on new lovely arts and thank you for sharing. Cheers! - Lissette Monroe

  6. Your shirt looks awesome! I just went to a place where you can make your own t-shirt in Chicago, and they had shirts that looked that. Next time I need to make a shirt I'll have try this stuff out. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is a fabulous step to make a t shirt design at home, but the thing is, I don't have a printer in my home. So how could I do.

  8. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I have been trying to find how to make your own t-shirt in Chicago and this looks like it is exactly what I need. Thank you for sharing this, I can'y wait to try it out!

  9. Thanks so much! I can't wait to start making my own shirts!


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