Friday, September 02, 2011

Over-Sized Scarf Tutorial

I love scarfs! Who doesn't though, right!? Big ones, little ones, colorful ones, plain ones.....

 This tutorial is going to show you how to make your own Over-Sized Scarf! 

Like this one:

You can also wear it as a hood: 

So Lets begin....

What You Will Need:
- 2 Yards of Fabric (Anything that isn't sheer or too light weight. Bed Sheets work perfectly!! If you want a really chunky look, get a fabric that is thick and heavy. If you want something that isnt so bulky, go with a cotton blend or something that is more light weight)
- Sewing Machine

I did not add trim to this scarf, but I did include instructions and photos of how to add trim.

1 yard of fabric for Trim
Heat and Bond Hem (regular strength) 
*See photo below to see what Heat and Bond looks like*

And were off!

Begin by cutting out two pieces of fabric that are:
32 inches long X 34 inches wide 

Put the two pieces of fabric together RIGHT SIDE FACING EACH OTHER.
*Right Side is the side with the colored pattern on it*

Sew both 34" sides together using a 1/2 inch Hem. Always use a back-stitch to secure what you are sewing  

You should have one piece now that looks like a big circle

Now we are going to hem up what you just sewed.

Start by laying your scarf flat. 

This will clean up your scarf, so you don't have any raw edges exposed.

Now you will sew what you just pressed:

Sew close to the inner edge of the hem, shown here:

Do that to each side, the top, and bottom. 

When you are done,
your top and bottom hems should look like this when your scarf is turned right side out:


Unless you want to add trim to the inside edges.

Here is how you add trim:

Cut four pieces of fabric that are 34 inches long and 2 inches wide.

Now you will sew it together:
Sew close to where the two edges meet. Use a back-stitch .

So you dont have two different lines showing on the outside of your scarf, you will use this. Heat and Bond. This one is Super strength. You only need Regular. I just wanted to show you what the package looked like. This is a great product that will hem two pieces of fabric together without having to sew it.

Take a piece of Heat and Bond and lay it over the sewed line:
Cut my head and bond strips 8 inches long, so I could do a little bit at a time.

Do this over the entire outer trim, (Top and Bottom). If you have any extra trim when the two side pieces meet up, cut it off. When you are done, to give it a finished look, you can sew over the end pieces if you'd like to make sure they are extra secure. Just dont sew over the entire trim. Just the where the two pieces meet.



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