Sunday, July 24, 2011

Re-purpose Ball Jar Lids into Wall Art

Here is an easy way to create wall art from Ball Jar Lids. They look really cool if you make 4 + of them and collage them onto your wall.

Lets Begin:

What You Will Need:
Ball or Mason Jar Lid
Glue (White glue or Hot Glue)
Paper (I used watercolor paper because it is thick)
Something to decorate it with: Paint, Pens, and/or Magazines
(I used Mod Podge and Magazines to decorate mine, but you can paint it, color it, or draw a picture on it!)

 Start by laying your lid on the piece of paper and tracing a circle:

Cut out the Circle:

Fit your Circle into the lid. You may have to cut more off to make it fit:

Decorate your circle!!
I used Mod Podge and Magazines

Glue around the inside rim of the lid:

Push your decorated circle into the lid:

Add glue to the paper to glue the other piece of the lid on:
(This is optional. You do not have to glue the back on)

Push down to secure the lid to the paper:


They hang on the walls very easily. Make a bunch of them to create a wall collage!!


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