Saturday, July 23, 2011

HOW TO: Wall Art - Mason Jar Flower/Candle Holder

I love Mason Jars. There are so many uses for them. I store paint brushes in them, drink out of them, and most of all use them in as many DIY projects as possible. Here is a cheap way to make a Wall Hanging Mason Jar.


A piece of wood (I went to the dollar store and bought a circle one)
Mod Podge -Matte (a crafters best friend)
Paint Brush
Magazines (If you dont have Magazines, you can paint the wood too!)
Picture hanging kit (also bought at the dollar store)
Small Mason Jar (Salvation Armys usually have a ton of them. Hobby Lobby also sells them)
Medium Pipe Clamp (Home Depot or Lowes)
Power Drill (If you do not have a power drill use small nails will a medium head on them)
Small Screws with rimmed heads

Lets Begin:

Start by ripping up old magazines. Paste the magazines onto the piece of wood with the Mod Podge. 

I like a mixed media look, so I made mine like this:

(Feel free to paint your wood if that is your style)

You are going to attach the Mason Jar by using a pipe clamp.
Now we will attach the pipe clamp:

I want my jar to hang in the middle of my piece, so I drilled a screw in a little bit above the center.
DO NOT drill the screw all the way into the wood! You want the pipe clamp to fit under it.
(You can also place the screws lower, so the jar hangs past the wood)

Place the pipe clamp under the first screw 

Drill another screw right below the top screw to keep the pipe clamp from coming off the wood.
Again, DO NOT screw the screws down all the way, yet.
You want to be able to slide the pipe clamp back and forth to adjust where you want it

Tighten the pipe clamp enough to fit the jar, but allow room to remove the jar

Once you have done this, take the jar out and screw the screws all the way down to fasten the pipe clamp. Put your jar back in and tighten the pipe clamp around the jar.

Turn the piece face down and screw a wall hanger into the back of it.


You can put a candle in it:


You can also use them in your bathroom to hold makeup brushes, in your kitchen to hold silverware, and in your craft space to hold your paint brushes.

This woman uses a 2X4 and screws in 4 small Mason Jars for her makeup supplies:
This project was inspired by her project seen here:



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