Sunday, April 29, 2012

Make a T-Shirt, T-Shirt Dress, or Tank Top out of a Bed Sheet

This tutorial will show you how to make your own shirt, t-shirt dress, and tank top.

I was SO happy when I made my first shirt! I mean really, what is better than making your own clothes. I dont know what is. 
The best thing about this project is that you don't have to hem anything! Stretchable fabrics take their own shape, so hemming isn't necessary. Unless you want to of course.

Here are some of the dresses and shirts I have made:

Lets Get To It!!

What You Will Need:
-A Stretchable Bed Sheet or Stretchable Fabric: no matter what you use make sure it stretches! Thrift stores always have jersey cotton bed sheets. I would recommend looking there first. More fabric for your money!
-Your Favorite Stretchable T-shirt or Tank: a shirt/tank that stretches is key!
-Sewing Machine
-Push Pins

Hand Sew

Note Before We Start:
Make sure the fabric and shirt/tank is stretchable! 
Read all of the instructions before you start this project.

1. Fold your fabric in half. Smooth it out.

2. Lay your T-Shirt over the fabric.

To Make a Dress
 Measure from your shoulder down to where you want your dress to end.
Add the additional inches to the bottom of the shirt.
When cutting out your dress, cut a few more inches away from the shirt to give room for your hips!

To Make a T-Shirt or Tank
Add a few inches of fabric to the bottom of your shirt.
You can always cut off extra fabric if it is too long when you're done.

I like to use the part of the bed sheet that is hemmed at the bottom so my shirt is hemmed at the bottom. Saves me time.
Dont worry if you dont have a hemmed edge. That's why we are using stretchable fabric.
It takes its own shape, so you dont have to hem anything!

3. Starting at the bottom cut around your shirt until you get to the middle of the neckline

T-Shirt and Tank Top Makers: Cut 2" away from your shirt
Dress Makers: Cut 3" away from your shirt

4. Remove your shirt.
Fold the shirt over and continue cutting
This will ensure both sides are even

5. After you cut your shirt out, turn the right-sides so they are is facing in
The wrong-side should be facing outward

6. Line up your shirt so all sides and corners are matching

8. We arent to the point of sewing yet, but I wanted to show you where you will put your push pins.
Pin your shirt where the black lines are below:

9. Now we sew. Sew where the black lines are on the photo below.
Sew 1/2"-1" from the edge of the shirt
Do not sew where your body parts are going to be: waist, arm holes, neck. 

Here is a closer view of the shoulders:

The photo below shows where I sewed

10. Fold your shirt right-side out
Try it on
If it is too big, hem the sides in another 1/2"-1"


Unless you want to make it a swoop neck like mine....

1. Start by putting the shoulder seams together and laying the shirt flat

You will notice that the sleeves will be touching.

2.Smooth out the shirt so you get a clean cut
In the photo below the top left of the shirt will be my front, the top right will be the back of my shirt

3. Cut a scoop out of the top left. 

The closer you cut to the shoulder seam the wider the neck will be.
For example: if you cut close to the shoulder seam you will get an "over the shoulder look", but if you cut a few inches away from the shoulder seam your neckline will not be as wide and will fit more like a t-shirt.

 I would start by going 3-4" away from the shoulder seam, then cut 2-3 inches down and over. If you want more scoop you can always cut more off.

4. Do the same to the top right side, except you wont cut as far down this time.
This is the back of the shirt. You dont want as big of scoop as the front.
Cut 1-2" down and over until you hit the end of the shirt

Use scissors to fix any jagged edges.
You can also pull on the shirt a little to get the material to roll a bit


Try it on an ENJOY!!


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