Sunday, December 11, 2011

Silhouette Art

This DIY Project is a simple way to create art for your house! There are 100's of ways to do this project, so get ready to use your imagination!  

What You Need:
-Picture Frame (any type will do)
-Water Color Paper (Or any type of paper that is thick)
-Craft Knife
-Paint Brush/Paint
-Printer to print your silhouette
(Type in "silhouette" to Google Images and you will find tons of ideas for this project.)

(Click on a photo to enlarge it)

Let's Begin!

Start by looking up silhouettes online.
Try to find a simple one if this is your first time making a stencil.
I thought a silhouette of a woman would be fun to do.

Start by cutting out the silhouette:

 Get out of piece of watercolor paper, or whatever paper you are using, and tape the silhouette to it. 
Taping the silhouette to the paper will help keep it still while you trace it.
Make sure it is centered since this will become your stencil. 

 Trace the Silhouette:

Use your crafting knife and cut the silhouette out:
(Make sure you have something underneath your paper or you will cut your floor up!)

 Your paper should look something like this when you're finished:
Cut off any little pieces that didn't come off the first time around:

Now take out another sheet of watercolor paper and lay it under your cut-out:

Tape the top of the silhouette cut-out to the second piece of paper to make sure it stays put when you are painting:

Pick out your colors!

Decorate your Stencil any way you'd like! I chose to paint lines on mine!

 When painting your silhouette press down around the edges of the picture to make sure no paint slips underneath the stencil.

 When you are finished, lift the stencil off starting from the bottom to the top.
Lift Carefully!
 You don't want to smudge the picture

Allow your picture to dry. Feel free to use a blow dryer to speed up the process!

Once your silhouette is dry you could use a pen or watercolor to add to your picture!

If not, frame it and put it up!

You're Finished!


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