Monday, December 12, 2011

No Sew (or knit!) Yarn Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Here is another wonderful DIY No Sew Scarf tutorial! 
Keep warm this winter with a wrap around infinity knit scarf!

What You Will Need:
-Yarn that is 5-7 oz. (5 ounces of Yarn will make a thinner scarf like the white or green scarf shown above. 7 ounces of Yarn will make a thicker one like the red scarf)
-Two Chairs (or one if you want a scarf that doesn't loop around your neck)
-Fabric (use an old shirt, skirt, or any type of scrap fabric)
-Heat and Bond (Found at any local craft store. OR use a glue gun)
-Iron (Only if you choose to use heat and bond to glue your fabric)
-Ruler (optional)

Let's Begin!

Start by setting two chairs side by side:

 Wrap the yarn around the two chairs once and tie a knot:
(Click on photo to Enlarge)

 Now.... wrap, wrap, wrap, and wrap.... 
Try to wrap the yarn tight around the chairs... and keep wraping until the ball of yarn is almost gone:
(Chairs like the one on the right of this picture work best! The yarn kept slipping off of the chair when I was 
using two round top ones.)

When you are done wrapping take the end of the last wrapped piece and tie it to the first knot you made when you began:

Take the wrapped yarn off of the chairs, twist it a couple of times, then lay it on the floor:

Make a triangle with it.
Cut three pieces of yarn and tie them around each corner of the triangle.
(Click photo to Enlarge)

 Cut out three pieces of fabric. 
The fabric pieces should be at least 3-4 inches wide. 
As far as length, cut it as long as you need so you can wrap it around the scarf to hid the knots you just made.
Cut a piece of Heat and Bond that is as wide as your fabric.

Cut off any extra yarn after making your knot.
 Lay your strip of fabric under one of the knots:

 Wrap the fabric tightly around the scarf.
Place a strip of Heat and Bond under the flap and iron for 5 seconds to seal it.
Same instructions go for people using a hot glue gun. Glue the flap down onto the fabric you just wrapped:

Do this over each knotted area:

 It will look similar to this when you are done:

You're Finished!


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  1. Just finished my first one! I love this! Thank you for the great instructions!

  2. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this idea... Cannot wait to TRY it... Now the mission is to find the PERFECT YARN! Thank you so much!

  3. Awesome! Great DIY project for winter!

  4. This is an attractive way to use yarn and an altogether different look from other infinity scarves. I'm thinking of trying a "dainty" one with crochet cotton and lace fabric to hide the knots. Since I'm a petite, I would prefer something small-ish like that. Thanks for sharing your idea.