Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Colored Silverware - Framed Kitchen Art

This is a great way to turn something you use everyday into art!! 
This project is very easy. Anyone could do it.
It is also a cool way for YOU to make art for your house!

Lets Begin:

What You Need:
-Silverware: I did a fork and a spoon. You can do any combination of silverware. Suggestion: Choose something that has a cool pattern on it. Go the thrift store. They always have a lot of really cool silverware there.
-Tape: Duct, Masking, or Painters
-Picture Frame: Any frame you choose will work. I think this project looks cool with a matted frame.
-Plastic Baggies: Sandwich baggies preferred
-Spray Paint: Make sure it is metal approved! Choose any colors you would like
-Hot Glue Gun: or something to glue the utensils to the frame

Start by taping an even line around where the handle and fork/spoon meet. (Tape a line where ever you want the paint to end)
(Click on Photo to Enlarge)

 If your baggies are zip-loc baggies cut the zip-loc off:

 Put your utensil in the baggie and wrap it around the utensil, so no paint will get on the fork's head. Once wrapped, tape the baggie onto the fork. Make sure NOT TO tape past your tapped line for the paint!!
(Click on the Photo to Enlarge)

 Here comes the fun part! Go Outside and spray paint the handles. Dont over spray them or they will run. Instead lightly spray paint them, let them sit, and put another coat on when the paint dries. 

Once your utensils have dried unwrap them and glue them to your frame:

You will most likely need to remove the glass from the frame in order to glue the utensils on. I had to remove the glass on mine.
Feel free to glue your utensils where ever you want. I chose to glue mine side by side:



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