Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How-To: Dress Up a Pair of Flats or High Heels

This is a really cheap way to dress up a pair of old flats or high heels. 

I bought a pair of black flats on clearance for $8.00 and now they look like this:

What You Need:
Mod Podge - Matte
Paint Brush
Pair of Flats or High Heels
(Look for shoes in the thrift stores!)

Start by laying the fabric over one shoe and cutting it so it lays over the entire shoe. (mine isnt over the back of the shoe, so you can see where the fabric will lay under the shoe. Make sure you cut enough to cover the back too!)

Trim the edges of the fabric around the entire shoe:

Then, cut a slit from the back to a 1/2 of an inch from the top of the shoe's hole:

Apply the mod podge to the tip of the shoe. Make sure you use a good amount:

Lay the cut fabric over the shoe and press it onto the shoe while spreading the wrinkles out. Dont worry about extra fabric hanging over. We will take care of that later:
(I used shoes with pleats, so mine will be a bit wrinkled. I would recommend using shoes without pleats for this project) 

Once you have the front on, mod podge the sides and press the fabric down all the way to the back of the shoe. Do this on both sides:

After you are done pulling the fabric tight and smoothing it all the way to heel you will mod podge the back of the shoe:

Start by mod podging the right piece of fabric to the shoe. Then take the left piece and fold it so the raw edge isnt showing and glue it to the right piece: ( if you are having trouble bust out your glue gun!)

It should look something like this:

After you do the back of the shoe, cut the extra fabric around the shoe's hole down to 1/2 an inch all the way around:

 Now cut little slits in the fabric to help you when you glue them down:

Once you cut the slits, Mod Podge the inside of the shoe where the slits will sit and the slits. Then, glue them down into the shoe.

It should look like this:

When you are through, Mod Podge the entire shoe. Make sure you cover it really well.  Let it dry completely before trying it on or cutting the extra fabric off the bottom.


Do this to both shoes. If you are having trouble with the fabric not staying down, get your glue gun out and glue down the areas that are not staying put. Works like a charm.



  1. Very cool! I have a pair of brown wedges I got from a friend about two years ago. I just KNEW I could make them into something I would wear. Thanks!