Tuesday, September 06, 2011

How to turn an old book into a secret book box

I think these secret book boxes are pretty neat.
You can keep it simple or you can add sections to it if you're looking for a more organized look. 
I chose to keep it simple since I'm going to store paintbrushes and craft tools in mine.

What You'll Need:
- A Large Old Book (You will need one that is at least 2 1/2 inches thick. I got mine at the thrift store. They have 100's of huge old books there. Get your book there.)
- Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Knife (You can use a kitchen knife. I used a crafting knife here)
- 2, 1/8" Thick 3X2 pieces of wood (I used 1/4" thick wood since they didn't have 1/8" thick wood at Lowes. My book sticks up a little bit, so I drilled a hole in it and laced a piece of ribbon through it to hold it together. How-To Below)
- Mini or Regular Hand Saw (I got mine for $3.50 at Lowes)
- Ruler

-Paint to decorate it
- If you want to add a ribbon you'll need a drill and 1/8" bit to drill a hole
- Any color ribbon

Let's Begin:

Start by cutting out the inside of the book.
Use a regular kitchen knife or a craft knife to cut out the book seam:

Next, measure each corner 1/8" in.
You are measuring where your box is going to go:

*If your book doesn't have a paper lining, you can mark 1/8"-1/4" in from each edge of the book*

Measure from the mark you made on the top left side all the way down to the bottom left side.
This is how long you will need your side pieces of wood to be.
Cut two side pieces of wood that are what you just measured.

Now that you have your side pieces cut we will use a hot glue gun to glue them on.
Put a decent amount of hot glue along both of the bottom pieces of wood and press them down to set them. Do one at a time. It should look like this when you are done:

Now for the Top and Bottom:

* Do this for the top and bottom pieces. Mine is already cut here because I made mine too big and had to cut it again. Don't make my mistake. By this time you are becoming to understand that it's not easy to saw wood. Ouch.*

Now glue the top and bottom pieces on:

Mine aren't perfect. Yours don't have to be either!

Go along the entire box and fill in any spaces with hot glue.
Next, glue along the bottom of each piece of wood, inside and outside.


Unless you want to put a ribbon on your book box so you can tie it shut.

Mark a spot on the cover of your book that is 1/2 way in between the top and bottom of it.

Do this to the back of the book too.

Get your ribbon and cut a piece that is at least 20 inches long.
You can always cut any extra you have off.
Thread the ribbon through both holes from the bottom and then tie a knot
 on each end so it doesn't come back through the hole:

Pull the ribbon to the back to open the book:

Now you're really finished!



  1. I have finally done this project! awesome, thanks for the tutorial~ another super cheap xmas present done. Kia ora katou! and Meri Kirihimete from Aotearoa! (New Zealand)

  2. You could also glue the pages together and then cut out the inside and put the wood in there to make it look more like a real book. I haven't done this, but I think it would probably work.

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  4. Thank you for sharing your tips! This is very helpful and I want to try it sometime!


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